Friday, September 27, 2013

Annabanana was born!

We welcomed our sweet Anna this summer, and she is a DREAM. Honestly, I have to pinch myself, I have never had a baby so easy! We have hardly seen her little eyes since she was born! However, a milestone... she learned to smile on my sister's birthday, and we have been LOVING it. She is a mini Maddie to the T. In fact, Neal and I are constantly calling her Maddie. I feel like all I do all day long is save her life... from her eager siblings, who are ready and willing to help at the drop of the hat! Whether I want or need the help!! The love her so much, and we can already tell what a little sweetheart she will be.  She must have known we would have a busy summer, and that her momma needed an easy baby this time around. ;)

Maddie Turned THREE!

A long time ago! Here is to never having time to blog! Maddie is adorable, she is the best helper, very intelligent, and loves her family. I feel so blessed and honored to raise this wild, sassy, sweet, loving girl. I think her attitude and spunk will help her be successful in the future! Here are photos of her party!!

Her Favorite Present... A Bike Trailer!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Wilson Turned ONE!

I am a little late, but better late than never posting right?!? Oh, I cannot express my deep love for my little Wilmeister! He is ADORABLE! He is so sweet, he loves giving kisses, being tickled, laughing, riding his little bike, etc etc. His favorite time is bath time with Maddie. Unless you go outside, then his favorite is playing outside.

I have to share my favorite Wilson quirk... He grabs one of Maddie's purses, comes to find me, give me a kiss, walks to the door, blows more kisses, and then tries to open the door! It is so cute, I laugh every time. He fills our home with giggles and love. I love that he still snuggles when he is tired, and he "hums" to me at night time to remind me, "Mom, time to put me to bed, hum my lullaby!" I LOVE my little man!!! Without further adieu, here was his party to celebrate his birth!

Wilson's favorite gift/distraction: BALLOONS!!!

These kept him amused for a very long time, and he was happy as a little clam! Then it was time to open gifts... but really he just loved the tissue paper!

Where is Wilson? Digging in the bag! See him?

Such a cute Neal Jr!
Then we got on with the CAKE! Thank you Sue for buying the Trophy Cupcakes and saving us all from using an oven in 80+ degree weather! (Now before you all go crazy, in Washington, without AC, this is HOT in a house!)
holding balloon, check, clothes off, check, legs crossed, check!

"Oh! This is delicious!"

 Happy birthday little man!!! You are so cute!!!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Water, Water, Water!!!

Bring on the AWESOME weather Seattle!!! We have been so spoiled this summer, here are a few pictures of our summer adventures with the sun and water. Our kids LOVE the water, and they cry when we take them out. Maddie is an awesome "rower" and she sings, "row, row, row, your boat" and it is so cute! Good thing she has a cool dad who lets her row, row, row her boat with him.

Denny Park
Maddie overseeing the "pumping up" of our fancy family boat...

"Good job Dutch (Jeff) keep up the good work!"

Ready to go row, row, row their boat! Dan, Neal, Wilson, and Jeff

Grandma taking Maddie to join the "guys"

Jeff and Wilson playing with rocks
Bowman's Bay
Testing out Phil and Noelle's fancy stroller... LOVED it... BOUGHT it... SAVED my life!

Baby Wilson and Baby Autum

"Hi Guys!"

Autumn: "Do you see this water?! It's AWESOME!"

Wilson: "I think I found a paddle!"

Dan and Mads

Grandma and the Babes
This weather has been so GREAT! I am so excited this weekend will be in the 80's whoot whoot!!